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Musik- und Tanzpädagogin


dance performance

Students of the Orff-Institut, Salzburg, present 'time_balance' - a dance performance inspired by society's ambivalent ideas of time.

Dance as an art of expression is an important nonverbal reaction of societal change, which allows the audience to experience on a meta-level possibilities for identity, because lots of choreographers and dancers want to give their inner life an outer form.
What interests us in an artist: a subjective view on a theme. Only subjective perception makes artistic diversity on stage possible, and enriches society.

written by Leo Fellinger

Emailwerk Seekirchen

June 2005

Concept, Choreography, Dance
Melina Fellinger, Sapia Nedwed,
Eva Bernhard, Evelyne Wohlfarter

Film Leo Fellinger