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Dancetheatre of Searching and Finding


Kulturverein KunstBox invites

Homeland isn`t just the place
where you are born, live and work;
where family and friends are; where you are happy.
Homeland is also a place - paradoxically - which doesn't, or doesn't yet, exist. A utopia which will be created when humans live in dignity,
peace and freedom of their dream.

The Kulturverein KunstBox invited three young choreographers to discuss Ernst Blochs`assumption':
'Homeland isn`t space,
it is a perspective,
which has to be conquered'
Three senseuous and profound performances were shown.

Text by Leo Fellinger

Emailwerk Seekirchen

June 2006


Concept, Choreography Evelyne Wohlfarter
Dance Andrea Knonbauer, Arnika Ludwig,
Eva Bernhard, Evelyne Wohlfarter
Costume Evelyne Wohlfarter
Light, Audio Emailwerk Seekirchen