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Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Aufbruch ins Unerwartete

Tanzworkshopreihe 1-4

"It is not our differences that divide us. 
It is our inability to recognize, accept, 
and celebrate those differences."   Audre Lorde

Mit den Mitteln des zeitgenössischen Tanzes lernen wir unterschiedliche Bewegungsweisen kennen, erleben ihre Gleichwertigkeit und verbinden sie in ihrer Unterschiedlichkeit. Neben Körperarbeit befassen wir uns dabei vor allem mit Tanzimprovisation. Durch den gemeinsamen Tanz hinterfragen wir die gewohnte Ästhetik.

11.-12. Januar 2014 
05.-06. April 2014 
21.-22. Juni 2014 
20.-21. September 2014
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Chinese Medicine

in movement with contemporary dance

There exist different qualities and themes within our bodies, which we aim to explore through a variety of ways.

The group becomes a melting pot of ideas, diverse within itself, which we will explore together. The participants will experience themselves in dance and in movement, enjoy massages and sounds, listen to the stories of their organs, draw pictures, and learn new things as they find time for themselves.This course is also open to wheelchair users. Its focus is on the full circle of the meridian.

Teacher: Margret Hofmann und Evelyne Wohlfarter

Dance training for adults

physical diversity in contemporary dance

Anybody who wants to enjoy
themselves in dance is invited.

In our weekly dance training, participants are guided towards finding a personal language in their movements, and to understand their relationship to others in dance. We try to cross borders and question aesthetic.

Contains: Dance improvisation, technical exercises, small choreographic elements and stage presence

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