Evelyne Wohlfarter | Tänzerin Choreografin Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Music and Dance Theatre

temporary projects

A book, a story or an idea become the foundation for a shared process.

Scenes are developed playfully, through improvisation. We use different and diverse modes of expression - music, speech, dance, singing, performing, composing, building, drawing. Every child, with their unique abilities and interests, will find their place. The process and the development of independence are the main focuses.

Creative Dance

Dance with 3-9 year olds

Jumping, running, hopping, turning, flying, balancing... children love movement!

Children get stronger in their body awareness. Through play, we train muscles, refine motor skills, body alignment, spatial awareness, knowledge of rhythm and stamina.The main focus are dance and improvisation games, movement stories, circle dances and basic dance movements. As a possible result, the children will experience that our body isn't only a movement apparatus, but also an instrument for telling and creating stories and express ourselves.

Music and Dance Education

for 3-6 year olds

Every child is open to music and dance.

The child plays with its voice, loves movement, and uses different objects to make sounds. In these lessons the child will gain more personal abilities as a result of their experiences. Openness to different sensations, willingness to learn, fantasy, playfulness, communication and personal feelings are important elemen

Music and Dance Education

for 6-10 year olds

Every child is open to music and dance.

These lessons can be either a continuation of music and dance education for 3-6 year olds or it can be a new course for older children. In cooperation with primary schools, these lessons happen during the morning period. Through it, all children get the opportunity to come into contact with music and dan