Evelyne Wohlfarter | Tänzerin Choreografin Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Educational and Professional Development

2002 until 2009
Master studies – elementary music and dance pedagogic with two focal areas: 'Music and dance in social work and intregrative pedagogic' as well as 'Dance' at the Carl Orff-Institut, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (AUT)

Thesis (in German): Movement- and dance improvisation with stutterer: DanceAbility as a possible means of enhancing the Herziger-Intensiv-Stotter-Therapy, March 2009


Exchange year at the Dartington College of Arts, studying choreography, Dartington (UK)

1997 until 2002
Trained as kindergarten teacher in Zams (AUT)

Pedagogic Activities

since 2016
Teacher at the music school Musikschule Dornbirn
creative dancing with children

since 2013
International freelancing

2013 until 2015

Part-time work as a kindergarten teacher
at Die Zauberflöten, Berlin (D)

2012 until 2013

Teacher at the Lazarus Schulen: Berufsfachschule für Sozialassistenz Musische Gestaltungsprozesse und
Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik Musisch kreative Gestaltung/Bewegung und Spiel, Berlin (GER)

2009 until 2013
Teacher at the music schools Paul Hindemith Neukölln and Leo-Borchard Steglitz Zehlendorf, Berlin (GER)
Early education in music and dance as well as basic education, creative dancing with children, music theatre, guitar classes, parent-children groups, dance improvisation with adults

Instructor and co-ordinator of the advanced training
for kindergarten teachers, Salzburg, (AUT)
Kindergarten Makes Music

2004, 2005, 2008, 2009
Collaboration at the summer camps of Herziger-Intensiv-Stottertherapie, Karsee (GER), Navis (AUT)

Teacher of music and movement education at the Bildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik, Zams (AUT)
Rhythmisch-musikalische Erziehung


Presentation, Workshop, Lecture

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (AUT)
Presentator at the 9th International Orff-Schulwerk
Symposion 'Music and Dance Education in the Changing World'


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul,
Porto Alegre (BR)
Presentator at the 31st World Conference of International Society of Music Education (ISME): 'Dance in Physical Diversity'

Faculdade de Artes do Paraná, Curitiba (BR)
Presentator at the International Conference of Society of Music in Special Education, Music Therapy and Music Medicine: 'triptychon: Exploring Expression and Contemporary Dance with Varied Physicalities'

Hochschule Osnabrück (GER)
Dance Workshop at the Diversity Days: 'Dance in physical diversity'

Artistic Leader/Organisator
of the tanzfähig produktion 'When the lilacs bloomed,...' at the evening event of Diversity Days

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (AUT) 
Workshop at the International Summer Course: 'Dance as Communication - trough movement to social skills'

at the International Summer Course: 'Inclusion and contemporary dance?!'

Presentator at theexpert conference 'Music and Dance in inclusive Pedagogics: 'About the Initiative tanzfähig'

Further Education

workshop, seminare

tanzfähig Departure into the Unexpected, Workshopsequenz, Berlin (D)


Weibernetz Dance Improvisation, Rheinsberg (GER)
DanceDaysBerlin Dance Improvisation, Berlin (GER)
tanzfähig: im Augenblick gemeinsam bewegt, Berlin (GER)
Landesmusikakademie Berlin: Dance as Communication - through movement to social skills, Berlin (GER)
SENECA INTENSIV: Spiel mit den Ausdrucksformen Musik, Sprache Bewegung, Berlin (GER)

Regionalkonferenz Musik Neukölln: Dance as Communication - through movement to social skills, Berlin (GER)

TanzTangente: Papa, Mama, tanzt mit mir!, Berlin (GER)
tanzfähig: Tanzimprov. in körperl. Vielfalt, Berlin (GER)
DanceDaysBerlin Dance Improvisation, Berlin (GER)

tanzfähig: tanzend begegnen, Berlin (GER)


Stiftung Mozarteum: Kita macht Musik, Salzburg (AUT)

Projects over several weeks

at schools and with other bigger groups

Each of these projects is different, but in all of them the the focus is on children and teenagers and their social development. Through these projects, the participants experience dance and music as a possible form of expression.

Dance of the wild creatures with the pupils of Lisa-Tetzner-Schule, at Mozarts The Magic Flute - for beginners and advanced, Kulturstall Schloss Britz, Direction: Tatjana Rese, Berlin (GER)

Always in Troubles with Colours, a music and dance theatre project with the children choir of the Evangelischen Johannesstiftes and pupils of August-Herrmann-Francke Schule, in collaboration with Kerstin Köhler, Berlin (GER)


Every Day Has a Colour a music and dance theatre project with three school grades of the Pettenkofer primary school, Berlin, (GER)

Choreography to The Carnival of the Animals with teenagers of the Bildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik, Zams, (AUT)

Choreography to the musical The Hedgehogs`Revenge, with the children choir of Zams,
Direction: Bernadette Trojer, Zams (AUT)

Artistic Activities

When the lilacs bloomed,... , dance performance
third production of tanzfähig,
concept, choreography
Berlin (GER)


triptychon, video dance, second prodution of tanzfähig,
concept, film direction, choreography, dance
Berlin (GER)

triGespräch, dance performance,
first production of tanzfähig,
concept, choreography, dance
Berlin (GER)

OHRiginal (un)erHÖRTe GedankenGÄNGE
concept, choreography, music
Salzburg (AUT)

How should I begin?, dance performance
concept, choreography, dance
Dartington College of Arts (UK)

Sing to the lord a new song
SpaceSoundBodyTheatre directed by Helmi Vent
at the Kollegienkirche Salzburg (AUT)

WechselSpiel, dance theatre
concept, choreography, dance
Salzburg, Seekirchen (AUT)

time_balance, dance performance
concept, choreography, dance
Seekirchen (AUT)

2002 until 2007
Dancer and musician in several performances
while studying at University